The chemical-physical treatments are among the most widespread and still today indispensable for solving many depuration problems.
Suitable for high water flow rates, they have always been applied in large companies where money and area were available.

Today, even small and medium-sized companies have to solve depuration problems in-house in order to avoid increasingly heavy disposal costs.
However, the cost for traditional chemical-physical plants may require unsustainable investments if compared to the real needs of treatment.

For this reason, Alkematec built up a series of small, totally automated, compact plants useful for treating flows from 5 to 50 mc / day.

Every single plant is designed and built to meet the customer’s needs and can use liquid or powder products.


Technology known since the beginning of the 1900s, it has found application in wastewater treatment only in recent times.

Versatile and economical, it can be used in a wide variety of situations (removal of metals, organic substances, oils, fats, colour, odour, some salts dissolved, nitrogen compounds …) operating with different types of electrodes.
Moreover, the modular geometry of the unit-base allows to treat little flows and, putting more modules, very high flows also (even 80 mc / h).
The closed collaboration with INTECNA GROUP, owner of the patent and of the CELDARĀ® registered trademark for electrocoagulation and electrofloatation processes , allows us to supply systems suitable for every need and at the same time to organize tests with pilot plants.

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